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Attack From Space

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Attack From Space

Published 1959
Topics Sci-Fi

From IMDb:
Benevolent aliens from the planet Emerald send superhero Starman to protect Earth from invasion by an evil alien race called the Spherions. When Starman arrives on Earth, he discovers a conspiracy involving Earth's top scientists, and he must root out the traitors and also stop the impending alien invasion.

Audio/Visual sound, b&w
Language English


Reviewer: jayessell - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 27, 2016
Subject: Emeralds = Good / Sapphires = Bad
On a positive note, at the beginning we get to see actual Starfish Aliens!
Reviewer: rclo - favorite - July 11, 2011
Subject: Wow!
Not much science to the fiction. Starman is completely invulnerable, but his 20-minute fight scene near the end results in not a single body on the floor (until he slugs the commander and after he rescues the heroine and makes his exit). Where are all of the guys he slugs and shoots?

Speaking of slugging and shooting, it's clear that Starman prefers shooting to judo. He smiles a satisfied grin while he shoots people.

1 1/2 stars for effort.
Reviewer: HBB Think Tank - - April 30, 2011
Subject: IMDb link
Reviewer: Mathew Morrell - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 28, 2008
Subject: Visually, a spectacle
I wasn't big on this movie, frankly. However, I did appreciate certain elements of the film having to do with special effects. The space footage was excellent!--much better than the space footage (and less expensive) that video galleries today sell starting at $15 per 20 seconds. There's none of that awfull digital feel; it's au natural.
Reviewer: shiphappens - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 1, 2007
Subject: NICE
This movie has some creative set design, a nice plot and a gangsta hideout under a tombstone. You can't beat that! My 10 year old boy liked it.
Reviewer: terracesider - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 10, 2007
Subject: Cliche fest
Japanese sci-fi from the 1950s is an acquired taste and I've got it so I found this cliche fest and enjoyable romp.
Reviewer: billbarstad - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2006
Subject: For the kiddies
This dubbed Japanese-made children's fantasy has a certain charm. Starman is dispatched from the good folks of planet Emerald to help Earth fight off the vile conquerors from planet Sapphire. Lots and lots of silly fight scenes between Starman, a character reminiscent of late 1950's - early 1960's TV's Superman, and Nazi-like Sapphire spacemen. It may be the first movie to use the term 'death star'.

I downloaded the mpeg1 file. Video and audio are OK, though the volume was low.
Reviewer: jimelena - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 13, 2006
Subject: Only the Japanese can get away with this.
Once again Sci Fi takes a hit below the belt.
But it's okay, it's Japanese.
If it was made in the U.S., legal action would have to be taken.
It's got to be a crime.
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